Popcorn thinking

Image by Christian Wiediger

Ever heard of the term Popcorn thinking? (Nope, it doesn’t mean thinking about popcorn…yum!)

Popcorn thinking is a term used for when you binge-watch a movie, tv series or reading.

And the term Popcorn Hangover literally means…you are suffering from having had too much fun binging! 😊

Popcorn thinking, from what I’ve understood, is a laid-back term that stems from Popcorn syndrome. It is a 21st century or ‘millennial’ problem that comes from over-stimuli from technology over a long period of time. The person can’t slow their minds down to a more normal pace but instead must have constant ‘popping’ of fast-paced streaming of information from the internet.

So, why is this a bad thing, doesn’t sound like a problem?

Well, lets break it down. If your mind is in constant need for stimuli, what happens if you don’t get it. It can lead to anxiety, depression and over a long period of time your mind will struggle to work at a slower pace.

It seems obvious that you wouldn’t over work your muscles, so why do we over stimulate our minds?

Popcorn thinking almost sounds like ‘scatter brain’ to me, the ability to jump from one thing to another without giving it much thought.

The reason I wanted to write about Popcorn thinking is to make us more aware of the growing problem that is facing our growing children, in fact, all of us. The pitfalls of technology are good to know so we can help steer our children through the techno-minefield, so they grow up into healthy and mindful adults.


Image by Kelly Sikkerna

Again, from the onset, the entire family should have the technology in the house managed adequately. These are devices that can cause obsessive behaviours, and the last thing you want is to add any type of tension into your family. This goes for every family member. However, I would have a different management plan in place for a child who uses their device as a means for communicating etc. It is essential for everyone though, regardless, to try and limit screen time. There are many ways one can engage with NT/diagnosed children, and although it is important to state that they should all be met individually based on their needs, a break in technology is good for their physical and mental development.
(Check out my post Wifi Nation for helpful techno-tips)

Top #5 Non-techno tools

1, Puzzles
If your child is able, then puzzles are great way to break up the day.

2, Pop-up books
A classic! It is so much fun to watch the child’s face as you read through a book and then a fun image pops into view.

3, Sensory tables
This is my favourite go to. Sensory tables work for all, and I have used this at home for fun and at work to help children with learning and the like. Sensory tables are basically where you can stimulate the child through different media; the use of sand writing, water play and playing with different types of materials. There really is no end to how the sensory tables can be used, individualised and explored further. Love it!

4, Physical activity
Depending on the child the type of exercise you do will vary. For those who are able being as mobile as possible maybe at a play park or dancing etc. is excellent for them. For those who have mobility issues, other activities like getting some with fresh air and some necessary/applicable movement; there are sensory parks, playparks created for wheelchair/disabled users etc. but never underestimate the simplicity of just sitting in a beautiful garden and letting the child feel and smell the flowers and listen to the birds sing. Sometimes it is in the small actions, in the quite, that we accomplish the most.

5, ART!
I love art. Getting paint squished between your fingers, or dough slammed against the table top (repeatedly). Art is a great way to practice fine-motor skills, build muscles strength and aid in brain development, to mention but a few of the awesome things that Art can lend a child. Oh, and it’s fun!!!

Anyway, that’s my little popcorn rant over.

Image by jeshoots

I would just like to add: I love popcorn, no movie night is complete without a great big bucket of popcorn. 😊

Hugs x

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