Wifi Nation

Cam Cardow Copyright 2011 Cagle Cartoons

Our kids are linked to the wifi 24/7, its become a Pandemic. Adults and children alike are constantly on one screen or another.

But does that have to be a bad thing?

There are of course many negatives to having to much screen time, like for the fact that teenagers are hooked onto social media and a lot of their confidence rides on ‘Did I get a like’?

NB! You should check the documentary called “Screenagers”.

But I want to talk about the benefits of technology, not the negatives.

I’ve found, that when there are parameters in place in the home/classroom then there is clear moderation to the use of technology, this is beneficial in itself as we don’t want children to have TO MUCH screen time either. Talking to your NT children about the use of technology in a deep and open conversation really is the best way for them to navigate their usage of devices.

How does technology help us parents who have Autistic kids though.
(Let me count the ways…!)

There is a lot of debate surrounding the use of technology for teaching, both good and bad. But as a Special education teacher, I try to keep up with ‘my kids’ and like it or not they are a new generation, brand new species that have been spoon fed iPads, touch screens and instant access.

And I know that for some ASD kids not having Wi-Fi can mean, potentially, a meltdown scenario. Technology can mean consistency and becomes part of the routine and like it or not, sometimes that iPad is a parent’s best friend.

Everything else can result in a meltdown.

As a parent and educator, I have seen the values and pitfalls of technology. However, I think if used to enhance learning, provide stability and supporting the child’s development we should not shy away from what is so obviously going to be a norm in the future.

How can we use this generations strength with technology to help them learn, grow and navigate their world?

Well, one way is with Apps!

Apps have the power to support and give a clear structure every day while also helping your child to learn and process emotions, social interactions and supporting their education. My only scrutiny with apps is that they should be individually chosen for each child, just because it has won an award or some magazines says its great; it may not help YOUR child.

So, I have been scanning the internet and come across some great apps, some I have downloaded to use with my mermaid and some I will bring into my classroom as a resource. 😊

5 apps to help learn, through play!

  • Prologue2Go
    This is a wonderful app for children with speech difficulties, it is an alternative communication device, and I am all for it! This is an excellent tool for parents and educators alike as it makes communicating with the child more visual and hopefully easier.
  • Montessori Numbers
    Being a qualified Montessori teacher myself I find this app is just awesome! My daughter loves maths, so this app was a given. It is a great way to help any special needs child come to grips with maths.
  • The sounding out machine
    I really like this because this app allows the child to self-assess what they find difficult when they are reading, which gives them control of their learning.
  • Rufus The Robot
    I cannot explain how great this app is. We focused on the emotions and feelings part, as that is something that we are working on at home. However, the app hosts an array of topics perfectly suited for all special needs and ASD kids.
  • See.Touch.Learn.Pro
    This is an app that acts like the flashcards I have in my classroom, just in a larger quantity. 😊 The images are clear and the app allows for interaction when learning, which I am all for.

My favorite pc program:

This is a program I use with all my children. You can set the age and get feedback on how they are doing. It helps them with their reading in a fun and interactive way.

My favourite TechnoToy:
My mermaid is in love with the Coding game as she is such a Wizkid the fast pace of some of the games are perfect to stimulate her learning and sponge-like brain. 😊

What are some of your favourit apps? Let me know in the comment section down below.


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