My Little Mermaid

When my little mermaid was young, I knew something was up.

My little mermaid when she was just a baby!

I call her my mermaid because she was born in a birthing pool on a cold day in Norway, with views to the fjords and snow-covered mountains. A magical day!

I couldn’t explain it, and the baby blues surely didn’t help matters, but I knew from day one that my daughter was special… just how special, well that was the mystery.

So, I dedicated my life to raising and working with children, a neurotypical mom trying to prepare herself for whatever eventuality that lay ahead for my daughter and her future.
But who could have known the road to finding a solution would be riddled with so many hurdles!

When she was around 3 years old, I realized that her emotional responses, social behaviour and small tics where all part of who she was, and I needed to figure out what that was, so I could finally help her THE RIGHT WAY.

For years we went from doctor to doctor; we had her hearing, throat and nose checked (her breathing has always been somewhat blocked, still working on this one!) but she was ok, apparently. After two years of nagging at the medical staff, I finally had a specialist look at her eyes, and she got glasses!

Eureka, a breakthrough!

Now she had thick glasses and could finally see properly (I’m not disappointed at all with the medical staff that ignored me for years and just claimed I was hysterical… nope! #Sarcasmalert)

Now everything else seemed to be levelling out: her hearing and her confidence slowly started to return. But I still wasn’t happy: ”There is something else!” I kept saying. I think everyone thought I was just looking for a problem at this point.

So, I went back to school!

I learnt Special Pedagogics and with my books in hand I started to look at my wonderful daughter again from a different angle. Now armed with academia, I could finally take my knowledge and make someone listen.

My house had already turned into a bit of a pedagogic playground, or class room, as the kids sometimes called it. We had routines, colourful labels on everything, mood boards, flash cards galore, command centre… you name it! Oh, and a crafting corner fit for any classroom, if I do say so myself! 😊

I knew my daughter was on the spectrum I just didn’t know where on the spectrum.

So, I decided to fly to London.

My little mermaid and I flew alone. We had 3 lovely days in London. On our second day we spent the entire day at the Early Autism Centre with a specialist paediatrician.

On the day, he was able to verbally confirm what I had long needed to hear (and I am paraphrasing but basically “You were right all along”!). Tehee 😊

In truth, he said with a smile: “Your daughter is a high functioning Autism wonder girl, with high intelligence!”. At that moment every puzzle piece fell into place, all my guilt melted away. Fighting for my daughter had always felt the right thing to do, but now I was armed with the information to help her achieve the most out of her life in all ways possible.

My little mermaid makes my life a whirlwind adventure and I would have it no other way.

Good luck in all your endeavours friends!

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